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What is the Art Box?

SHE's Crafty Art Contest

art box project 3.jpg

My designer friends you are ALL creative spirits and so this fun event is just for you! If you'd like to have an excuse to share those artistic abilities then let me know by sending me a text or email and signing up for a brief 30 minute presentation with SHE and you will receive your very own Art Box!

At the presentation, I will leave you with an art box of mixed media that will include, but not limited to:

  • a small canvas

  • a mixture of fabrics,

  • tiles,

  • paint,

  • glue,

  • brushes,

  • markers,

  • and whatever misc. things I can find.


Let your imagination go wild! This is truly just for fun and costs you NOTHING!

(You just have to start. Consider making your art piece with your kids.)

Next, post your masterpiece on Instagram and tag me in it at:


Deadline to post your artwork is October 31, 2024. 

I will gather all entries and post on Instagram and will let the public vote on their favorite. The overall winner, with the most Instagram votes, will win a $50 gift certificate to their favorite restaurant.

Simple Rules for Art Contest:

To qualify for the opportunity to win a $50 gift certificate to your favorite restaurant:

  • You can add/delete anything you want to your canvas. It's your piece. Have fun and go wild!

  • The artwork must have integrated in the masterpiece a piece of Fabricut Contract fabric as well as some Artaic tile.

  • Once the artwork is complete post it on Instagram and tag: as well as follow Spencer Hospitality Enterprise.

  • All artwork must be submitted on Instagram by October 31st, 2024.

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