Alta Treatments

Customize your fabrics to meet specific performance quality for healthcare, hospitality, institutional, educational, entertainment and residential spaces.

Soil and Stain Repellent

aggresively repels liquids and stains such as coffee, soda, wine, mustard, salad dressing, blood, urine and iodine.


reduces odors and stains caused by microbes including bacteria, fungi and algae and avoid degradation.

Moisture Barrier

is a complete barrier to liquids and contaminates making them easily cleanable, breathable, and comfortable. Will prevent liquids from reaching the seat cushion.

Treatment Recommendations:

  • Lobby/ Guest Room Seating: Soil and Stain

  • Food and Beverage Seating: Soil and Stain + Moisture Barrier

  • Healthcare Seating: Soil and Stain + Moisture Barrier + Antimicrobial

Alta Benefits:

  • All treatments bond with the fabric are permanent and will last for its lifetime.

  • Treated fabric will maintain its natural hand and color shade.

  • Can be easily cleaned with most cleaning agents including detergents and solvents.

  • 100% antimony-free recyclable polyester barrier

  • 95% water-based chemistry. Contains no formaldehyde, arsenic, tin, heavy metals or silver.

  • Very competitive price range.

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